Hello! Bonjour! Namaste!

Welcome to our page. We are Akash and Oriane, it’s good to see you here.

We both came to Sheffield in 2009 to study our master’s degrees. Oriane is from France and Akash is from India. We met each other and have stayed in Sheffield ever since. We now had 2 young boys and love raising our family in this city.

Oriane studied Tourism & Hospitality and is passionate about travelling, discovering new places and cultures. Little did we know this was going to be useful to set up our Serviced Accommodation business. Akash loves reading books on personal development and on how to grow our business.

We have been investing in property since 2018 and our goal is to reach financial freedom and quit our corporate jobs. We have achieved that for Oriane, who is now able to look after our portfolio while raising the kids. What an amazing feeling!

We want to make you feel welcome in this house and hope you have a fantastic time discovering Sheffield.


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Akash & Oriane